Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Warm Bodies


I recently read the book Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.  I don't really remember how I came across it, but I do remember discovering a hideously Twilight-esque unofficial movie promo picture (and thank God that it's unofficial).  After learning the impending movie was based on a book, I promptly looked up the book, read the premise, and laughed my ass off.

I mean, the idea was just so ridiculous.  A zombie romance.  However, I was intrigued.  Not only because of the unlikely plot, but also because it was written by a man.  A zombie romance written by a man.  What a novel idea!

The general consensus online was that it was bound to be the next Twilight, only with more necrophilia.  People were screaming obscenities about the movie, however...I could not find one negative review anywhere -- ANYWHERE -- about the book.  Everywhere I looked, this novel had outstanding reviews.

So I bought it.

Actually, I bought it six times. One version on iBooks, a Kindle version for my mom, and then four paperbacks because I loved the damn thing so much that I had to share it with my spouse and friends.

While cheesy at times (it's a love story, after all), it was immensely entertaining and well-written.  I love the author's metaphors and analogies.  His writing is very tangible and believable, and he has quickly become one of my favorites.

I've been reading that the movie will involve extensive voice-over work, which makes sense.  The book is written in the first-person present tense, and the internal workings of the main character's mind is much more elaborate than what we'd end up seeing from the outside.  I really can't wait for the movie, but it's not due out 'til August 2012.  In the meantime, I plan to watch a few of the director's other movies to get a feel for his style.

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