Monday, February 17, 2014

SCWC: World-Building

My notes from the Southern California Writers' Conference.

• Applies to memoirs and nonfiction, too!

• The more abstract the idea is, the more world building you have to do

• Difficult to go against known laws of physics unless you come up with a damn good reason

• Top-down (big picture, create world around larger concept) or bottom-up world building (world built around a specific character)

• Non-fiction—build the world for people that have never been to the locale. Show what is different and new.

• If you’re not familiar with it, be general unless you want to do the research.

• Manipulate the world into pushing the character where you want

• History doesn't have to be a large component, but helps establish the world

• Real-world influence helps

• Even in fantasy, it still needs to be consistent (rules/laws)

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