Friday, January 3, 2014

Word Aversion.

I have this “thing” that I do. 

I have a dozen—or perhaps 2 dozen—RSS feeds set up to track the news.  Most of it is science and technology-related.  I’m too lazy to go searching for it, you see.  I make it come to me.  Every few weeks or so, I click on one of the feeds and then do a search for “robot.”  Then I leisurely peruse the articles relating to robots.  Some are dumb.  Some are interesting.  Some are meh, and some are mind-blowing.  But the one word I see a TON of is “drone.”  Drone this, drone that…drones here, drones there, everywhere a drone-drone.  The word is so ubiquitous and overused that it just started getting annoying.  It has become the cool catchword that everyone and their mom has started to abuse.  I mean, most consumer "drones" are just fancy remote-control helicopters, for God's sake.  And those have been around forever.

So I made it my mission, my persistent goal, to absolutely NOT use that word in my book (which is difficult, considering it deals with futuristic technologies).  It has gotten to the point where the mere mention or sight of it makes me want to do something violent.  Like throw something.  I’ve added it to the list of words I dislike.  The word “moist” is also on that list. I can’t stand that word.

 Anyone else have any irrational aversions to certain words?

(Not an entirely relevant comic, but I just love the little Walter White/Heisenberg pork pie hat.)


  1. AHHHH! You hit the special "WERD" topic, did you?

    My least favorite word of the year (for now, at any rate) is GAZE! There's stargazing, gazingly, lovers gaze. Even Gazelle, for cripes sake! Yup - I am up to HERE with the word GAZE.

    Tho, honestly, sometimes it is apropos. Gawd - hate when that happens.

    1. You know, ever since you told me that story, I can't stand that word either! Haha!!

  2. And now, explain to me (since you love robots so very much), why I must prove I am not one in order to post my comments? You, my dear, are a bigot!

    1. It wasn't me, I swear!! Blogspot is anti-robot!