Sunday, February 17, 2013

Secret Plot-Plot-Plotting!

Christ. Christ.

I showed up at the ‘opening hook’ workshop at the SoCal writers' conference not realizing that I was going to have to actually, yanno…*read* the first two pages of a manuscript. I thought I was going to die.

But my buddy saved my ass. My buddy that was not even in attendance, lol. BUT SHE BETTER SHOW UP NEXT TIME.

I chose the story on which I’ve been collaborating with noustewfu. It's the tale of a 19th century voodoo acolyte who accidentally resurrects a Revolutionary War-era privateer. Mae and Simon must learn to work together to stop a corrupt Haitian vodou priest. It is a work in-progress.

The feedback was extremely positive, and I received a couple good tips as well. I was thrilled. Awesome kudos to my collaborator and friend, you kick ass!!! I ordered room service to celebrate.

Lesson learned - you better damn well be able to snag your reader within the first two pages. And remember to SHOW, not TELL!

SO. Since there seemed to be some interest generated in the story, we created a Tumblr for it. HERE IT IS!!!

And, uh...yes. Relevant crap will be added to it. Eventually.


  1. Aloha :)

    Hey, and wow! aren't you fast :)

    Thanks for the follow, and right back at you .com :)

    PS... one of these days - when you're ready, you *need* to let people know who you are :)

    (How else will you sell books :)~

    1. Hola! Good to see you. Don't worry, as the Joker would say - "It's allll part of the plan." :P

      I had so much fun last night, but I don't know how you guys do that all weekend long! I've been in a coma all morning!