Thursday, July 26, 2012

SCWC: Why Some Authors Get Published—and Some Don’t

-        Strive to write every day even if you don’t get around to it.  Set writing goals.
-        Read a lot (of good stuff).  If you don’t have time to read, then you don’t have time to write.
-        Read widely within your genre for inspiration
-        Publishers don’t have time to deal with high-maintenance authors.  Do the work they ask for.
-        Try to look at your work with an objective/dispassionate eye when self-editing.
-        Setting/style/period/subject can be what sets your work above the rest
-        Stay focused on your strengths and what’s unique about you and your story when marketing/making your pitch
-        The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron:  “Bring life in.”
-        Do research to cover a universal theme.  Every nonfiction book is an argument
-        Don’t give up!!!  If something isn’t working, take time to re-assess.  It’s okay to send a query letter to the same agent if you indicate you’ve spent some time researching, revising, improving, etc
-        Online writing groups (Salon, RedRoom, She Writes)
-        San Diego Writers’ Ink, Scribd
-        Community support and interaction is important
-        Editors’ guilds

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