Thursday, July 26, 2012

SCWC: Package Submission

This is in regards to when you’re ready to submit your manuscript to an agent.
Package Submission
-        Query letters/synopsis for submission to agents
-        A good query letter should be brief—sell yourself and sell your book
-        Do your research and adhere to the requested format!
-        Need to capture reviewer right at the start, then elaborate a little further on stories/characters
-        Explain why you’re qualified to right this book (your bio should be relevant to the story)
-        Don’t copy a generic submission template
-        You’re applying for a job—be pleasant and business-like.  Present yourself as someone your agent/publisher would want to work with.  Your bio is your resume.
-        Agent website/blogs tell what they require and some talk about what they like/don’t like to see in query letters.
-        Synopsis—sample of your writing skills.  1, 3, and 5 page overview of story.  Don’t leave cliffhangers/surprises.  Tell it all.  Touch on major characters, conflict, resolution, key story element.  Start with 5 pages, then cut down to 3 pages, then cut down to 1 (working backwards is easier to get the meat of the story down to a one-page synopsis for submission).
-        Follow agent’s directions for initial story submissions (first 3 chapters, first 50 pages etc).
-        You have to be really damn good in order to break the rules.
-        Looking for an agent: and
- - newsletter, see which publishers are selling/popular/good ratings
- - search publishers by genre, etc
-        “Submishmash” - - manage submissions
-        Send multiple submissions at a time
-        The bigger the agent the better, but relationship with agent is important too (may find that a smaller agency is more agreeable).
-        An agent is good to have so they can fight your publishing/publisher battles for you.

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